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Date: 2007-09-02 12:08
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It seems my body is trying to tell me I'm destined for the night shift. When I finally manage to get back to a sleeping during the night (getting ~8 hours, might I add), my body wakes up early the next morning, putzes around for a few hours, and decides that it's tired and wants to nap. And by "nap" I mean from noon until 9 pm. So here I am, trying again, and hoping it sticks this time. XD

In the meantime, I've become addicted to Photoshop. Again. Hence why there's now a remake of my current default icon. And a few remakes of other icons, plus new ones. (not on lj though, woe. I'm running out of space) The majority being made are Kaze no Stigma icons, because I've signed up for a prompt challenge for Ayano/Kazuma at 50drabbles. That degenerated to...about 4 or 5 (so far).

Sadly, though my journal on livejournal is still my "main" one, my "back-up" at insanejournal is actually slightly more involved in fandom. Maybe I needed a restart after all these years, who knows. Anything to start writing fic again, yes?

Oh, and [info]heavensgardener, did you get the message I left you about the club funds? I tried dropping them off to you directly, but you weren't answering your cellphone. You'll need to pick up the boxes from Lizzie (if you haven't already) and give them to Needles.

Looking back, I should have also snagged an SO claim from somewhere. I suppose that'll just have to be next. XD

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